Dent Master

Dent Master

Best Car Door Dent Repair Galway

Dent Master repairs dents of all sizes, including the occasional door dings. By using the pintless dent removal process, our team of car door dent repair Galway can ensure that the dent is removed and does not appear again.

Door dent may be the most common cause of small dents, but we understand that other accidents can cause a small dent in your valuable vehicle.

Baseballs, golf balls, backing-up poles, we've seen it all. If the dent can be repaired with PDR, our team of car door dent repair Galway will take care of it.

Repair costs can depend on both the size of the dent and its location. Use our online calculator to get an accurate estimate for your repair.

Be sure to check out some of the reviews our customers have written to find out how your dent came to be and how our I-PDR technicians fixed it.

We pride ourselves on eradicating the traces of these unfortunate accidents. Repairing dents is easy with Dent Master!

Crease dents

These dents are typically more complex and time consuming. They are more likely to stretch your vehicle’s metal. However, that doesn’t mean they cannot be fixed via paintless dent repair. With the advancement of tools and technology, creases are no longer the threat to PDR that they used to be