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Bumper Dent repair

bumper dent repair
What is Bumper Dent Repair?

When I first started repairing bumper bumps, I thought PDR on plastic bumpers was impossible. I can’t explain my argument, but I was shocked to learn that it is not. While I’ve made the mistake of saying it’s impossible, it’s definitely a different process than doing  PDR on a door panel or hood. You can’t stand it and you definitely have a kettle or Boiling water is not required. All you need is a hat gun, two working hands, and an oven glove.

Our first task is to assess the damage (like any other repair). Are you wondering if the paint is cracked? Does the bumper fit perfectly? Is there a broken tab? Of course, if the paint would be cracked, repairing the PDR will remove the dent, but it can damage the paint even more. If you want a perfect finish, it will have to be sprayed again or taken to a body shop.

Inspect the Bumper Dent Repair and surrounding areas

Unfortunately, structural damage can occur if the bumper does not sit properly. Until you find a clear solution other than structural damage, it’s best to leave the bumper dent repair to professionals. Then heated red circle areas on the front and back of the bumper, the paint is less likely to burn because you have not kept the spray gun in an area for a long time.
Will This way you can distribute the heat evenly and quickly remove most of the damage with minimal risk. We need an expensive hot gun to do this. We want to warm the bumper dent repair a bit, a cheap hat gun will work.

Bumper Dent Repair: Pushing the dent from behind.

It is difficult to say when the panel will be hot enough, there is no way you can touch it for more than a few seconds after it gets hot because it will be very hot. Just keep going with the flow, if it’s not hot enough when you squeeze your bumper for bumper dent repair won’t move easily. Make sure you have an oven glove on your hand when you press the dent. So you can work on the dent without the risk of injury. When you hit the dent you will want to act like a regular PDR. Work outside and you should be able to remove the dent in a few minutes.

Bumper Bump Repair : Dent fixed.

Just working our hot gun and our hands on this kind of dent can increase it from 50% to 95% out of the box. It will not be perfect, but it will be very difficult for the average person to see. If you want it to be as close as 100 to, you will probably need some PDR bars to fix the dents in the body line and any high placement you have made. Faucet kit to remove. Unless you are a PDR professional or know someone who is not worth investing in.

Why choose Dent Master as your Bumper Dent Repair ?

Since you can’t glue dents, you’ll need access to the back of every bumper repair. However, this does not mean that you need to take it off. Depending on where the dent is, you may only need to remove one side so that it hangs well enough for you to enter from behind. Later, keep in mind that This is not a safe bumper and you have to keep it in place when you press in the dent. Failure to do so can lead to a costly mistake .

Not sure how to remove the bumper dent repair from your car? I suggest searching it on Google or YouTube. Heat the pressure points with a heat gun. Most people who do this type of repair on YouTube are not as efficient as when it comes to heating the area for repairs. Instead of hitting the hat gun on the dent towards the paint, find all the pressure points. Usually above a dent, through the body line and below the dent.